Opening Night at the SFIFF

File Under: Reconnaissance

Last night we all went to the SFIFF Opening Night screening and party.

The movie was Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes - an exceptional movie that showed the awkwardness of interacting individuals as they struggled to find these commonalities - usually finding it in sharing these two (little) vices.

It was weird to assess what the SFIFF did vs. what we did at the SFIAAFF. I had never looked at a film festival with such a critical eye - "Oh look they give away bottles of SKYY vodka in giftbags." (Not worrying about possibly contributing to the delinquency of minors.)

Our job that evening (everytime we go to a Film Festival) was to try to see how we could improve the SFIAAFF. We also schmoozed a bit with fellow industry people and a little bit more with those who were affiliated with the SFIAAFF in some way shape or form. Ah, congregation at these events!

Generally a good time was had by all. [Really - I took a poll.:-)]