Some Kind of Monster

File Under: Synopsis & Review

On Sunday, 18 April a bunch of the NAATA staff went to see the Metallica documentary: Some Kind of Monster. It was pretty good. If you're a music fan or doc. fan you can find something compelling here.

The doc. follows the band as they gear up to record St. Anger (2004). After 22 years, the band is in serious need of some overhaul and therapy. They hire a therapist, a type of "life coach" to help them deal with each other as they record the album. The film is at turns funny, frustrating, and almost but not-quite heart wrenching.

In the same way that Bernard Sumner came out looking good in 24 Hour Party People - Kirk Hammett comes out looking the best in Some Kind of Monster. He doesn't seem as self-focused as Ulrich or Hetfield and when no one is talking to each other they are still talking to Hammett.

The piece will get wide release in San Francisco in July 2004, so check it out then.