File Under: Festival Planning

Recently came across this article from Sticky Sauce that addresses what we're hoping to accomplish with the Festival blog/site duality. Every year we update our site to mirror the marketing campaign/ programmatic themes of that particular SFIAAFF. But what happens the other 9 1/2 months of the year that the updated SFIAAFF site isn't up?

So this year we decided to maintain a blog to create a year-round presence of what we're doing in preparation for the event. To create transparency in our efforts. But we're mired in knee-deep work sometimes and we forget to update, please excuse us we're still looking for the sweetspot of our "regular" work and our posting habits about that work.

In recently writing the employee manual for the In-Kind Coordinator position (recently filled by the awesome Farah Shaikh) I was reminded that writing itself is a learning process. That being able to analyze how you got, or planning how to get to a certain goal, position, etc... looked at in a document/written form actually allows you to step away from the topic and re-approach it differently. In short: looking at things in meta-form can actually help give alternate perspectives when you pull away and look at it wholistically.

We're at a point with the SFIAAFF where this is crucial in going forward. We're 23 this year and our presenting organization, NAATA, is 25. We've still got a lot of work to do as we continue "Projecting Asian America."