Today we went to Noon to begin the process of choosing the look and feel of our Festival's campaign. The colors and themes will be echoed throughout the year's collateral. So, it's really important to us, debating and tweaking and getting "what if scenarios" to slight adjustments.

We ask questions such as: "Where is the Festival?" "Where has it been and where is it going?"

Chi-hui said it was one of the most important meetings of the year as it really drives our image and holds our marker in time.

"2003 was the year of the director and audience chair in conversation"

"2000 was the Japanimation"

Noon is great - they have really compelling images and design elements, elements that pinpoint our movements as a Festival. It feels very edge of precipice-esque this discussing and debating the relative merits of each mock-up.

"I tell you if we choose the RIGHT campaign the Festival will be perfect!"

"But what is right? What is perfect?"

What we choose, of course.