Three days



  1. We're into the final countdown now. My next two days will be filled with tying up loose ends, writing specific sponsorship operation schedules, last minute ticket comps, and gift bags. So many gift bag items.
  2. Dealing with ticket comps for sponsors is a lot harder than you ever think it will be. Paper tickets translates directly to tracking more paperwork. One does a mail-out every single day with the hope that tickets will safely reach their destination.
  3. The Festival staff had a social on Sunday. I was the blow (a kick) that snapped the pinata.
  4. Looking forward to the guests who are scheduled to be in town for the SFIAAFF: Jessica Yu, Sung Kang, Curtis Choy, Alice Wu, Joan Chen, Michelle Krusiec, Him Mark Lai, Margaret Leng Tan, Victor Vu, IQU, Seksu Roba, and Dan the Automator. (I'm sure I'm forgetting someone...)