Highlights of the 2004 SFIAAFF:

* Opening Night at the Asian Art Museum --- it seemed everyone and their mom were jammed into Samsung Hall

* The Special Events Coordinator continual loading and unloading of beverages

* The first weekend at the CAstro and the long lines that accompanied the packed screenings

* Directions in Sound at Cafe Du Nord - Polysics Rocks!

* Nancy Kwan getting mobbed as she left the Anna May Wong panel

A Press Conference

File Under: Reconnaissance

Today we went to the SF Int'l's press conference. The announcer screwed up the ED's name. It was a little embarrassing. Funnily enough, my co-worker told me that the ED is infamous for misaproprisms - and sure enough she mangled eclectic - giving it just a few more consonants than it was used to. [It came out sounding like ekta-lech-tic.]

Their program looks really good. Including a film called VIBRATOR which we tried to get for the SFIAAFF.


And so we raise a toast to the 22nd

File Under: Film Festival

Our festival just ended. And with the week break between the San Francisco and San Jose portions it seemed so anticlimactic to do that small portion before calling it a day.

I already had my downtime. My weeping for the physical toll of the intense schedule. Buying groceries and renting videos so I wouldn't have to deal with people for awhile.

Now we're here again. It feels very discombobulating.

Both portions screened IMELDA on its last day. A fitting end, a fallen hero(ine).