Final Proof

At Noon earlier today, our final catalog proof session. We all found a few mistakes that we felt lucky to catch. The catalog hits the streets on February 10, 2005. The same day as our launch party at 111 Minna.


Chadha & Berges

Sometimes exciting things happen behind the scenes. The team behind BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM stopped by to wish NAATA a happy 25th. The result will be unveiled at the SFIAAFF.



catalog proofing
Today was the first day of proofing for the 2005 San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival catalog. Jason Sanders is back onboard as editor extraordinaire. Look out for the finished catalog when it hits the streets on February 8th!


Programming Finished!

Chi-hui 01.10.2005

Taro and Chi-hui finished the programming tonight! Yay! That means that beyond choosing the films in the program - they also slotted all the films (chose times and venues for them). Good thing too, as we're in catalog production mode.

Taro 01.10.2005

Taro then kindly assisted me with preparing ad and logo files for the designer as technology wasn't working out for me today. Strangely doing the work for a Festival is as exciting as it seems. (Well depending on what role you play as well. From the standpoint of the "core four" it's pretty intense.)



love and hate

The Festival is plugging along, but last week was very tough. A sponsor pulled out and though I admire their service immensely -- it's difficult to be okay with this. A colleague (also a sponsorship manager) said it was "really wrong" for them to do something like this to us. I mean we're a non-profit, we make decisions depending on the resources we are promised. I've mostly put it behind me, but doubt always accompanies an event such as this.

Programming had a similiar thing happen, two films they felt were onboard, decided not to show at our festival. I'm mentioning it, because this is the busiest time for us and they probably won't think of posting now.

We're all on edge and there is an expectancy that is hard to describe. We're holding our breath until March 10. Not literally, of course, but it feels that way.

It would be great if we can blog more during this time, but the nature of the business means we have other things on our mind. I'll try to do my best to continue posting, in the interest of this, I've invited my assistant Khristine to join the blog.