VC or The LA Asian American Film Festival

File Under: Reconnaissance

A free ticket on SWA and I was off to Los Angeles to see how the crew at Visual Comunications put on an Asian American Film Festival. They turned 20 this year.

Opening Night Film was Wayne Wang's Chan is Missing. An engaging tale of two cab drivers and their search for their friend Chan. Shot cinema verite style by Mchael Chin (with sound by Curtis Choy) the gritty camera work perfectly compliments the pair as they banter througout the film in their quest for not only Where Chan is, but Who Chan is. Therefore asking in a wider context about the Asian American experience (embodied by Chan) and his environs.

The Festival itself - it's hard not to do a side-by-side comparison of our differences - the biggest difference being only geography. [VC and NAATA are aligned in mission statements.] A point-by-point rundown would do both NAATA and VC a disservice.

An enviable thing they do have is much more Hollywood-style star power: James Hong, John Cho and from Big Fish Ada and Arlene Tai. This was in addition to the usual cast of characters, including the SDAFF crew and Director Im Sang-soo.

Being the starf*cker that I am this lent a shiny glint to the evening of good conversation, tapioca drinks and sumptious desserts.