A Common Vision

File Under: Film Festival Planning

Last week Taro, Chi-hui and I sat down to try to envision the Festival in 2006 and 2010. It seems an important question, yet one that hasn't been asked in the recent past. "Where is the SFIAAFF going?"

We need to imagine where we want the SFIAAFF to be, so that we can work backwards to put policies and practices into place to make that vision a reality. It is important to write this information down, to concretely outline our hopes and dreams for the SFIAAFF so that the Festival proceeds at a trajectory that we'd like it to (whether or not we will be personally here to carry out all the policies and practices).

We're still working out the details of many of the nitty gritty of the vision, but some tidbits include a good brand and an event that is a destination.

The best thing about this exercise is us sharing what we each consider an ideal SFIAAFF.