A Private Screening of ZATOICHI

File Under: Miscellaneous

Last night NAATA had a preview screening of ZATOICHI: The Blind Swordsman --- a new movie by Takeshi (Beat) Kitano.

A preview screening is a great way for Festival (and NAATA) to engage the public in a way that doesn't involve us asking for financial support. A screening brings together the members, the donors, the volunteers, the friends, and the staff for an evening of cinematic entertainment. The audience is united in its support of NAATA and the SFIAAFF and through attending the event are given a nugget of exclusivity.

"Be the first one on your block to watch ZATOICHI!"

The evening is beneficial situation for all involved. Audience members are given a free, exclusive preview, NAATA is given an opportunity to support Asian Film and reward supporters, and the film studio (in this case, Miramax) is given a marketing opportunity with a highly targeted demographic, thus increasing their chances of a "word-of-mouth" marketing campaign.