Searching for a Fitting Closing

File Under: Film Fesival Planning

For the past few weeks Khristine and I have been scouting venues for the 2005 SFIAAFF Closing Night. We're looking for a different place than the War Memorial Green Room where we've had it in years past.

At this point we've hit most of the venues that are within our price range that hit the criteria:

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Parking available nearby

  • Pretty architecture

  • Pretty inside

  • Centrally located

  • Stage in main room

  • Independent catering and alcohol - okay

So now we're thinking of alternative spaces. We've thought of large galleries (perhaps) and now we're thinking of different types of alternative spaces. We're getting wild here, we're thinking in dotcom terms.

That is - remember when dotcom parties were every and anywhere? [I remember an airplane hangar on Treasure Island, some retail stores, and more clubs than I can count.] That's what I'm thinking of.

So, if anyone remembers a cool (and affordable or sponsorship-related-able) place I'm up for any and all suggestions, e-mail me yo!