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This weekend we had a very well-attended event. It was called HEROic Visions, a conversation with Ellen Poon (Special effects advisor on Hero). Yes, we should have posted about it here. But you know, we're ramping up now.

Laying the groundwork for WORK.

Which segues quite nicely into the presentation we had today at the "now weekly" staff meeting. Last week NAATA decided that if we were to get a better grasp on our org and where we are going [this relates to a Scenario planning meeting we had a few weeks ago that was facilitated by the Global Business Network --- they asked us this question: "Where would you (NAATA/Your Dept.) be given different combos of political/funding/social scenarios?"] Individual/ Cross-departmental ideas of where certain departments would be or where they would flourish was varied. At the staff meeting we realized that perhaps it made sense for everyone at NAATA to engage in more interdepartmental dialogue.

So today Festival was up to bat first. We gave a rather thorough assessment of where we are and where we want to be. We also fielded questions from fellow staffers regarding our goals and practices and also how the financials will pan out.

It seems do-able, these goals. Having Chi-hui, Taro & I hash them out and then present them helps us address how we plan to accomplish everything. In a way we are moving in towards an essential team building phase and it feels pretty good.