Frameline 28

File Under: Reconnaissance

Yesterday the Festival Department went to the Press Conference for the 28th San Francisco International Lesbian & Gay Film Festival. Frameline is our neighbor at the 9th street Independent Media Center, we cheer them on and they do the same for us. Their program is impressive starting with the Opening Night feature TOUCH OF PINK and closing with D.E.B.S.. After the announcements by Michael Lumpkin (Festival Co-Director) and Jennifer Morris (Festival Co-Director) TOCUH OF PINK was screened.

The casting of Kyle MacLachlan as the Cary Grant imaginary confidant was truly inspired. One scene that had MacLachlan in full safari gear straddling an ice sculpture was just hilarity inducing. The story follows Alim (Jimi Mistry) as he deals with coming out to his mother and what that means to his relationship with his British boyfriend. The movie will make a great Opening Night, heading the schedule for a gripping festival that wil touch on both light and hard issues facing the community, such as marriage rights and a gay slasher film.

Check out the schedule if you get a chance, Frameline does an awesome job of putting on a great Festival year after year.