The Day After Tomorrow

File Under: Synopsis and Review

Sometimes a movie is so bad it is funny. Not a funny to everybody movie, but a post ironic - "ha-ha! can you believe they poured money into this?" type of thing. To me that is what THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW was all about. It put me in a really good mood, as disaster movies normally do. (Am I right here?)

On the representin' front, Tamlyn Tomita does a good job as Janet Tokada, Jim Hamaguchi as Taka and Russell Yuen as Hideki, the Japanese Astronaut, Nobuya Shimamoto as the Japanese Policeman, Bunrey Miyake as the Japanese Shop Owner, Alvin Tam as Japanese Reporter, Mikio Owaki as the Noodle Chef, Rob Fuguzaki as the National Newscaster, Leyna Nguyen as Misc. Newscaster #1, Lina Patel as Misc. Newscaster #2 - there were perhaps more that I didn't catch.

Hopefully we're getting to a place in media where it is a no-brainer that Asian Americans will be cast in roles (both starring and supporting) in which ethnic identity doesn't play a factor.